Wednesday, September 24, 2014

NAS System Manager

NAS System Manager?
Ever wanted to monitor and manage your NAS with your iOS® or Android™ mobile device? The NAS System Manager app makes it easy.

Manage multiple NAS units

Add multiple NAS units on NAS System Manager, and conveniently manage anyone of them, anytime and anywhere.

Monitor system status

Monitor your system information, such as CPU usage, memory usage, system event info, online users, etc.

Shutdown/restart remotely

Restart or shutdown your NAS remotely.

Monitor connection status

Check connection status or logged in users remotely, to prevent invasion.

Manage system services

Easily turn on/off application services of the NAS via NAS System Manager. It only takes one click!

Manage download/backup tasks

Check the Download Station or backup task info. You can also pause or run the download or backup tasks remotely.

Identify the NAS

Use "Find My NAS" to turn on the NAS "Beep" sound to easily identify its location.

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  1. Any chance you can add support for newer iOS
    Doesn’t quite load with screen length.